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Our locations
Rent-a-car Sarajevo

Address: Branilaca Šipa 4c
Tel: 033 290 023 , Fax: 033 290 015, 033 290 020
E-mail: rentacar@hyundai.ba
Rent-a-car Mostar

Address: Ivana Krndelja bb (Bus station)
Tel: 036 552 404 , Fax: 036 552 404
E-mail: rentacarmo@hyundai.ba
Rent-a-car Sarajevo Airport

Address: Kurta Schorka 36 (Airport)
Tel: 033 451 800 , Faks: 033 451 800
E-mail: rentacar_apt@hyundai.ba

General information:

* Car rentals are regulated by Rental Contracts
* Cars can only be rented to drivers older than the age of 21 along with a valid drivers licence not older than 2 years.
* The minimal duration of a car rental is 24 hours. Cars returned 2 hours later than the expected time are charged with an extra day.
* Cars are rented with a full reservoir of gas and in the case that cars are returned with less, the difference is charged to the driver.
* The driver of the car takes responsibility for car tire replacement, traffic fines and parking fees.
* The way of payement for a car rental is agreed upon reservation.
* All valid credit cards are accepted


* All cars are insured against the responsibility of damaged cars brought upon a third person.
* CDW i TP - Payment of the additional daily insurance for CDW and TP, drivers are not responsible for damages to cars caused by themselves, theft of cars or car parts, and shattering of glass or theft of car radio.
* PAI - Drivers and passengers in the cars are insured in case of death or permanent handicap that occured as a result of accidents in the rented car.
* Insurance is valid only along with police documentation

Additional services:

* Free drop-off and pick-up of cars at the wished time and address in the city.
* Possible drop-off and pick-up of cars outside of the city and BiH.
* Car rentals with a driver to your need.
* Additional accessories(child seats, navigation, etc).
* Special prices for long-term rentals and clients.